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Jerusalem Event - Kest Center
Hosted by Pamela & Aba Claman
Operation Embrace would like to express its gratitude to Pamela and Aba Claman who hosted a most meaningful and beautiful evening in Jerusalem this past Saturday night at the Kest Center.  Families from the South, as well as supporters throughout Israel and the US attended the event.  The speakers included, Yaffa, from Ashkelon, whose husband was killed by a direct hit form a rocket ; Rina whose house was destroyed in Sderot from a rocket and Aharon who was severely injured from a rocket attack.  The musical program with Yoni and Nina, "Yonina" created a warm environment.  US Ambassador David Friedman spoke with loving words of support and compassion to the survivors.  The goal of the evening was to raise greater awareness as well as funds for Operation Embrace's rehabilitative programs.  Operation Embrace is grateful to the volunteers who made this evening the special experience that it was.  Below are images from the event.
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Yaffa, became a widow of four children this year when her husband was killed by a rocket that landed on their home in Ashkelon.  She is pictured next to Ambassador David Friedman, 
Dr. Larry Green, President of Operation Embrace USA (second from left), with his wife Allison, are pictured with OE Israel (Mivtza Hibuk) volunteers, David Dadi, Beth Newmark and US Ambassador David Friedman
Nurit Levy (center, wife of MK Mickey Levy) is pictured with OE Executive Director Aviva Tessler and Tomer Levy, her son.
US Ambassador David Friedman is pictured with Marc and Joy Rothenberg (OE Israel/Mivtza Hibuk board members)
Dr. Gavriel and Nechama Cohen, original inspirations for the founding of Operation Embrace
From left:  OE Volunteers Leo & Beth Newmark, Edouard & Nadia Samakh and OE/Mivtza Hibuk co-president, Joy Rothenberg
Michal Feldstein, social worker for Operation Embrace pictured with her husband Professor Ariel Feldstein
OE Volunteer Debra Panitch, is pictured with Junior Volunteers Noah Green (left) and Benjamin Riffkin (right)
OE Executive Director, Aviva Tessler is pictured with Cassandra Dadi (left) and Sarah and Michal Hidary
OE Jerusalem Event at the Kest Center
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